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S.No.SubjectCircular DateUploaded byCategory
1 Commencement of the Fifth Session of Seventeenth Lok Sabha and Two Hundred and Fifty Third Session of Rajya Sabha.15/01/2021ParliamentCircular
2 Instructions regarding handling of Parliament Questions20/01/2021ParliamentCircular
3 लोक सभा के पांचवां सत्र, 2021 के दौरान इस विभाग के बहुउदेशीय कर्मचारियों की संसद एकक में ड़यूटी लगाई जा रही हैः-22/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
4 Training of steno 22/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
5 appointment of shri sant ram as deputy director in department of water resources RD & GR20/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
6 appointment of shri vivek chaudhary as deputy secretary in depatment of water resources RD&GR20/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
7 appointment of shri sant ram as deputy director in department of water resources RD&GR20/01/2021AdministrationOthers
8 Appontment of Shri vivek chaudhary as deputy secretary in DoWR , RD&GR 20/01/2021AdministrationOthers
9 Smt. Savita Kapahi, PS of the Deptt. expired on 10.01.202119/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
10 Regulation of attendance in the Department of Water Resources, RD & GR reg.19/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
11 Assumption of charge of Deputy Commissioners by Shri Dileep Singh Meena, DD and Shri Dheeraj Kumar Fageria, DD.19/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
12 Pay fixation in the grade of PPS18/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
13 Corrigendum Regarding ad-hoc promotion of JSA to SSA 18/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
14 Sh Sultan singh Aso will be retiring from Government Service with effect from 31.01.2021(AN)18/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
15 shri veerpal singh taken on strength of the department(sectt) as staff car driver (grade-1) w.e.f 01.01.202118/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
16 Pay Fixation Promotion in the Grade of SSA.15/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
17 Additional charge of the post of FAO, CGWB to Shri P.K. Shukla, Director (Finance), CGWB15/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
18 Promotion of PS of this Deptt, to the grade of PPS on ad-hoc basis wef 01.01.202115/01/2021AdministrationOthers
19 Pay Fixation in the grade of PPS on ad-hoc basis.15/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order
20 Grant of Annual increment of Senior Secretariat Assistant14/01/2021AdministrationOM/Office Order