Notice Board

S.No.SubjectCircular DateUploaded byCategory
1 Creation one post of Chairman for Cauvery Cauvery in the rank of Secretary to the Govt. of India in Management Authroity (CWMA) with effect from 1.6.201831/07/2018Pen. RiverOM/Office Order
2 Creation of CWES posts for delopyment in Cauvery Management Authroity (CWMA) with effect from 1.6.201831/07/2018Pen. RiverOM/Office Order
3 Promotion of shri Baidhar swain as SSO on regular basis02/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
4 Consequent upon his repartriation from Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Financial Management) Programme 2016-1028 at NIFM, Faridabad and posting in this MInistry vide Dop&t's order No.5/3/2018-CS.I (U) dated 23rd July, 2018, Shri Ratnakar Yadav, Under Secretary, CSS (CSL No. 8824) has assumed charge in the Ministry of Water Resources w.e.f 24.07.2018 (FN).21/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
5 Deputation abroad of Shri S. K. Jain, Director, NIH, Roorkee to Norway, during 24-25 August , 2018 for attending a kick-of meeting of a Joint Research Project of Research Council of Norway at University of Oslo, Norway.20/08/2018EA & ICOM/Office Order
6 मंत्रालय के अधिकारियों/कर्मचारियों के लिए “सरकारी कामकाज में हिन्दी का प्रयोग, कठिनाई और समाधान” विषय पर दिनांक 30.08.2018 को 10.30 बजे पूर्वाह्न से मंत्रालय के सम्मेलन कक्ष में हिन्दी कार्यशाला का आयोजन17/08/2018HindiCircular
7 Establishment SUBJECT Matter Division ''(ESMD ) In RESPECT OF Cauvery Water Managemnent authority and cauvery water regulation committee will be E -1V Section OF the Ministry , With Immediate Effect.16/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
8 Deputation abroad of two officials from CGWB for supporting Myanmar in construction of Rain water harvesting system during 20-23 August, 2O18 (excluding travel time) in Began, Myanmar.14/08/2018EA & ICOM/Office Order
9 In-house Training Programme on RTI Act 2005-Role of CPIO and Appellate Authority14/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
10 Shri Rajan Lal Gupta, MTS will retire from government service with effect from the afternoon of 31.08.201814/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
11 Smt. Veena Satyawadi, Assistant Director (OL), will retire from Government service with effect day from afternoon of 30.09.201814/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
12 Appointment of Liaison Officers For SC/ST/Persons with Disabilities and OBC are made with immediate effect13/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
13 Deputation abroad of a 3-member Indian delegation for attending ICID's 69th IEC Meeting and International Conference scheduled to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada during 12-17 August, 2018 (excluding travel time).10/08/2018EA & ICTraining
14 Shri Sultan singh, SSA, is hereby posted in the office of Additional Secretary10/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
15 Deputation of two officials from Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation to attend 11th Hindi Vishwa Samelan programme to be held from 18-20 August, 2018 in Mauritius.09/08/2018EA & ICTraining
16 Minutes of meeting dated 27.07.2018 in the office of Additional Secretary to discuss the pending proposals of DRIP09/08/2018Pen. RiverMOM
17 Clarification regarding reimbursement of expenses incurred for journey performed by OLA taxi during tour 08/08/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
18 Renaming Gender Budgeting cell (GBC) to Gender and Child cell (GCC)02/08/2018Planning UnitCircular
19 राजभाषा से संबंधित आदेशों के कार्यान्वयन के लिए निर्धारित जाँच बिन्दुओं का अनुपालन30/07/2018HindiOM/Office Order
20 The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, the President is pleased to appoint Smt. T. Rajeshwari, ISS (1985) as Additional Secretary, Mowr,RD&GR and taken on the strength of the Ministry w.e.f 04.07.2018(AN)30/07/2018AdministrationOthers