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S.No.SubjectCircular DateUploaded byCategory
1 PROMOTION ORDER OF ASSISTANT HYDROLGIST, Group-b as scientist-B( jr hydrogeologist), Group-A IN THE CENTRAL GROUND WATER BOARD IN LEVEL -10 18/09/2020Ground Water EstablishmentOM/Office Order
2 Issuance of MHA Photo Passes and Validation Slips-Reg.17/09/2020General AdministrationCircular
3 Sh. Nilesh Kumar is relieved of his duties in this Department w.e.f 21.09.2020 to join his new assignment in Bihar Government. 17/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
4 Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.17/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
5 Appointment for the post of Director, NCERT on tenure basis from various Departments/Autonomous Organizations/Statutory Bodies/Research Institutions/Universities, etc.17/09/2020CoordinationCircular
6 Steno Gr.D officials are deputed to Parliament Section& Hindi Section16/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
7 The work relating to NHP Division will be handled by Smt. Kanchan Bala Hamza, Under Secretary (GW) in addition to her own duties with immediate effect, until further orders.15/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
8 Sh. Vijay Singh Meena has assumed the charge of Director (OL) in the Department of Water Resources, RD & GR.15/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
9 हिंदी पखवाड़े के अवसर पर कैबिनेट सचिव, भारत सरकार और सचिव (जसं, नवि और गंसं) की ओर से जारी संदेश एवं अपील14/09/2020HindiCircular
10 हिंदी पखवाड़े के अवसर पर माननीय जल शक्ति मंत्री जीऔर माननीय जल शक्ति राज्‍य मंत्री जी की ओर से जारी संदेश14/09/2020HindiCircular
11 Pay fixation of Ms. Anshika Bhatnagar14/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
12 Smt Kanchan Bala Hamza, under secretary ,CWC has assumed charge as US (GW) w.e.f. 3.9.2020 (FN)10/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
13 Level-III Mandatory Training Programme at ISTM from 14.09.2020 to 01.10.202010/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order
14 Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) to provide for Purchase Preference (linked with local content) in respect of Power Sector10/09/2020CoordinationOM/Office Order
15 Addendum to Channel of Submission of files10/09/2020AdministrationOthers
16 Expenditure Management - Further Economy Measures10/09/2020IFDOM/Office Order
17 Amendment in the GFR-201710/09/2020IFDOM/Office Order
18 Informantion regarding funds available with State Govt./Agencies10/09/2020IFDOM/Office Order
19 दिनांक 14.09.2020से 28.09.2020 तक ि‍हिंदी पखवाड़े का आयोजन09/09/2020HindiCircular
20 Deputing Multi Tasking Staff of Department to Parliament Section during Parliament Sessions.09/09/2020AdministrationOM/Office Order