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1 Office Order No. 237/2017 - Transfer/Posting in the Ministry (Sectt.)17/04/201717/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
2 Office Order No. 238/2017 - regarding delegation of power for Head of Department in respect of GA Division 19/04/201719/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
3 Office Order - Delegation of financial powers for Heads of Department19/04/201719/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
4 Office Order reg. posting of Sh. Dinesh Kumar, Senior Secretariat Assistant in the O/o Hon'ble Minister (WR, RD & GR)19/04/201719/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
5 Office Order reg. Sh. Chandan Mukherjee, Deputy Secretary being designated as Training Manager for Ministry(Secretariat)25/04/201725/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
6 In house training in service matters on various topics in the Ministry25/04/201725/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
7 Office Order No. 249/2017 - List of CPIOs and Appellate Authority25/04/201725/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
8 Office Order No. 250/2017 - Relieving of Shri Manish Tripathi, Director26/04/201726/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
9 Office order reg. transfers/ postings in the Grades of PA/ Steno06/04/201706/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
10 Office order reg. relieving of Dr. M. Satyanarayana, Advisor(C&M) from MoWR, RD & GR07/04/201707/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
11 Training Circular - ISTM 27/04/201727/04/2018AdministrationTraining
12 Office Order No. 252/2017 - Link Officer system in the Ministry of Water Resources, RD & GR28/04/201728/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
13 Duty in various examinations of Staff Selection Commission (NR)28/04/201728/04/2018AdministrationCircular
14 Office order reg. extension of deputation tenure of Sh. Ravi Sinha, Director(CAD)28/04/201728/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
15 Office order reg. posting of Dr. R.K.Bhatnagar, ADG in MI(Stat) wing28/04/201728/04/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
16 Calling for nominations for undergoing Domestic Training Programmes at Indian Institute of Managements etc. from officers of the Ministry - reg02/05/201702/05/2018AdministrationTraining
17 Office order reg. repatriation of Smt. Nidhi Tripathi, IOFS(1999), Director to her parent cadre02/05/201702/05/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
18 Office Order No. 266/2017 - regarding Shri Vinay Kumar Pandey, ISS, Director 03/05/201703/05/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
19 Office order reg. posting of Sh. Anil Kumar, AE(MI) in Pen. River wing03/05/201703/05/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order
20 Office order regarding posting of Sh. Nand Kishore, Junior Analyst & Sh. Balbir Singh Godhwal, Junior Analyst as Section Officers05/05/201705/05/2018AdministrationOM/Office Order

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