S.No.SubjectCircular DateUploaded byCategory
1 Right to Vote By Post & Form 12 24/05/2017AdministrationForm
2 Requisition Slip for Providing Vehicle24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
3 Temporary Pass (Non-official)24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
4 Vehicle Entry Pass24/07/2017General AdministrationForm
5 Late fee MHA Challan Form24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
6 MHA Identity Card Form24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
7 Pensioner's Identity Card24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
8 Application Form for Plastic Cards24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
9 Application Form for Renewal of CGHS card24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
10 Application Form for CGHS Card for PENSIONERS24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
11 Transfer of CGHS Dispensary24/05/2017General AdministrationForm
12 TA Bill for Tour24/05/2017CashForm
13 TA Bill for Transfer24/05/2017CashForm
14 LTC Bill24/05/2017CashForm
15 Children Educational Allowance24/05/2017CashForm
16 e-Payment24/05/2017CashForm
17 CFP/GPF final Withdrawal (GAR42)24/05/2017CashForm
18 CFP/GPF final Withdrawal (GAR42)24/05/2017CashForm
19 Medical Charge Reimbursement bill (GAR 23)24/05/2017CashForm
20 Submission of proof of savings for Income Tax Calculation/deduction purposes for the financial year 2015-1624/05/2017CashForm