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S.No.SubjectCircular DateUploaded byCategory
1 राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की 85वीं बैठक अपरिहार्य कारण से रद्द किए जाने के संबंध में।18/11/2022HindiOthers
2 Appointment of Director Bureau of Water Use Efficiency (BWUE) under the scheme 'National Water Mission28/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
3 Relieving order in repsect of Sh. Suneel Kumar Arora, IDSE, Advisor (NWM)01/12/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
4 Commencement of the Tenth Session of Seventeenth Lok Sabha and Two Hundred and Fifty Eighth Session of Rajya Sabha21/11/2022ParliamentCircular
5 Grantof NFSG to Steno's of CSSS in GP.4200/-30/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
6 Pay fixation order in respect of Sh. Awinash Chandra, US (EA&IC/Parl.)30/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
7 Promotion order in respect of Chairman CWC .29/11/2022Establishment-IOM/Office Order
8 Extention in the deputation period of Sh. Binod Kumar, IOFS(2001)29/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
9 Posting of MTS in Parliament Section28/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
10 Posting of CSSS staff in Parliament Section28/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
11 संशोधित बैठक-राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की 85वीं बैठक के आयोजन के संबंध में।28/11/2022HindiOM/Office Order
12 Observation of 'Constitution Day' on 26.11.202225/11/2022General AdministrationCircular
13 Farewell of Shri Ashok Kumar, PS, on 30.11.2022 at 05:00 PM25/11/2022General AdministrationCircular
14 Foundation training programme at ISTM for newly recruited Stenogrphers grade 'C' & 'D' from 28.11.2022 to 20.01.2023-Reg 25/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
15 Deputation of a 4 member delegation to Bhutan during 23 - 27 November, 2022(including travel time) for attending 23rd Authority Meeting for Punatsangchhu-1 HEP. 22/11/2022EA & ICOM/Office Order
16 Visit of 6 member Indian delegation led by Secretary (WR,RD&GR) to participate in meeting with Netural Expert on Indus Waters Treaty issues (Kishenganga and Ratle Hydroelectric Plants) at World Bank Offices in Washington DC, USA on 21st November, 2022 (excluding travel time).19/11/2022EA & ICOM/Office Order
17 Revamp of the Central Secretariat Cadre Management System (CSCMS) to enable end to end online delivery of service to the employees of CSS, CSSS and CSCS cadre - reg.18/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order
18 Updation of Website of the Ministries/Departments and its Organisations16/11/2022e-GovOM/Office Order
19 'हिंदी पखवाड़ा, 2022' के दौरान आयोजित प्रतियोगिताओं का संशोधित परिणाम (शुद्धि पत्र सहित)।14/11/2022HindiOthers
20 Notification for appointment of Sh. Anuj Kanwal as Commissioner (CAD)11/11/2022AdministrationOM/Office Order