1 Cyber Safety Tips for safe usage of Social Media - reg.03/08/2022
2 Nomination of Nodal Officer for allocation of GOV.IN domain28/07/2022
3 Appointment of CISO & Dy. CISO of this Department26/07/2022
4 Cyber Security Guidelines for Government Employees05/07/2022
5 Mass Awareness on Cyber Crimes and its prevention in the Department - reg.18/05/2022
6 Vidyanjali (Higher Education) Volunteer Programme - reg.17/02/2022
7 'DIGITAL SANSAD' App to view Parliamentary Papers/Parliamentary Proceedins on their mobiles15/02/2022
8 To use the Mobile Seva Portal for all the Organizations under the Department15/02/2022
9 Form for DSC14/02/2022
10 To adopt 'Fit India App' to improve fitness level28/01/2022
11 Communication Security Advisory for Government officials25/01/2022
12 Online Training Programme for e-office v7 for the officials/officers of the Department12/01/2022
13 Upgradation of eOffice version 6 to eOffice version 711/01/2022
14 New Form for DSC.24/12/2021
15 Online training for eHRMS in the DoWR,RD&GR, Ministry of Jal Shakti to be held on 13th August 2021 at 3 pm 12/08/2021
16 Step for filling VPN Registration form for accessing eOffice on your home laptop/desktop20/03/2020
17 Workshop on National Water Museum at CWC Auditorium on 19-20th September, 2019 - reg.18/09/2019
18 Minutes of Review Meeting held on 12.09.2018 chaired by JS(A) on e-Governance activities of the Ministry18/09/2018
19 Proposal to procure Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) for the Officers/ officials of the Ministry for better functioning of e-Office21/11/2017
20 In-House Training Session on 01.11.2017 regarding newly introduced VIP Reference Monitoring System.30/10/2017
21 Review of Expenditure in North Eastern Region by M/o DoNER09/10/2017
22 Implementation of VIP/ PMO Reference Monitoring System through login based intraMoWR13/09/2017
23 Nodal Officer for interdepartmental transfer of eFiles through eOffice05/09/2017
24 Establishment of links with eOffice instance of Department of Expenditure & Department of Legal Affairs for interdepartmental transfer of eFiles-reg.17/08/2017
25 Web Based IntraMoWR- Implementation of User based Circulars Uploading System - reg09/08/2017


1 Form for DSC14/02/2022
2 New Form for DSC.24/12/2021