72.   Drafting of demi-official letters -

  1. As the objective of writing a demi-official (d.o.) letter is to call the personal attention of the addressee, the style of writing should be direct, personal and friendly. More usage of active voice is to be preferred. (E.g., `I notice' rather than `It is noticed'). It is expedient to come to the issue at the beginning itself e.g. `I seek your cooperation in the matter of........

  2. A d.o. letter should preferably not exceed one page. If the message to be conveyed is lengthy, it is better to condense it into one page in a few small and healthy divided paragraphs in a manner that holds the interest of the addressee, the detailed arguments can be set out in appendices.

  3. The colour code in d.o letter will be as follows. A d.o. letter from a Minister will exhibit the National Emblem in blue colour and that from an officer will exhibit the National Emblem in red colour.